In our photos is always reflected the incredible party that has been every time. For this, we always use special photographers, who are also linked to the fashion world in some way, to portray the essence of the party. People prepare their looks days and even weeks before, and generally the dress code seen in Black Heart is edgy, rocker, but with an elegant touch while still a bit underground and trashy. We love the ‘raver chic’ concept, because it defines perfectly how the audience dresses for the occasion. We usually demand that you wear some black color, to meet and maintain our aesthetics, as well as our corporate colors, which are black and white. The Black Heart environment is unbeatable, and people really enjoy themselves. They always want to repeat and come to the next one. You can see it in each of the photos we take every night. In every club, venue or nightclub that we have filled, we have managed to turn it into a different place, the best that anyone could be looking for in every city. It is our own ecosystem that we permeate wherever we go.