Katy Sainz

  • Origin Madrid Female
  • Genres Deep House, Disco, Melodic Techno

Angie O

  • Origin Madrid Female
  • Genres Nu Disco, House, Deep House


  • Origin Caracas/Madrid Female
  • Genres Deep House, Deep Tech y Tech House

Arena Jaära

  • Origin Madrid Female
  • Genres Soul, Jazz y Músicas del Mundo


















One of the most special features of Black Heart parties is that the line-up is always made up of female DJs. The girls selected to play have some basic requirements that define the essence of our parties. A Black Heart DJ has an exquisite taste in music and her style includes genres ranging from deep house, tech house, techno, ethnic and tribal to down tempo. Her sounds are clean, fresh and innovative, with that ‘underground’ touch, but always taking care of the elegance and trends of the moment. Our booths have seen the likes of Marymoon, who has a very mystical and powerful style, as she plays at parties like Burning Man, or DJs like Pretty Pink who is also a producer, and well-known in Europe for her ‘deep’ style and remixes. When choosing a DJ, every city is taken very seriously, to respect and adapt to the public, but always maintaining and defending the line and concept of the party. It’s about offering variety and that not all parties that are made to sound the same. That’s why in every party there are always different DJs but with the same vibe, girls with great presence, known nationally and internationally, and with an outstanding tour and musical projection. A Black Heart DJ knows how to throw a good party, make her audience dance non-stop, and interact with people during her sets. She knows how fill the air with color alongside her Black Heart Girls in the booth, creating a show that cheers everyone up. Good energy and awesome tunes are assured. Anna Tur, Indira Paganotto or Lunnas, all them female djs from Spain, have been to Black Heart, as well as other artists of other nationalities known in the electronic music scene such as Chelina Manuhutu.

Katy Sainz, a Spanish DJ with Filipino roots, is the party’s resident DJ. Her musical selection with exotic features make her sessions 100% danceable, as she has a very personal style which is at the same time chameleonic and eclectic, always making her audience feel the music as if they were in another dimension: the pure Black Heart concept. That’s why so much importance is given to the party’s music, it’s our identity, and the girls who go through it are the essence and heart of this community. Partygoers are very demanding at the musical level, they look for quality, they don’t want to hear the typical sounds of mainstream clubs, they want that exclusivity, and they want to delight their ears, because they are knowledgeable about electronic music. The coolest people of the city dancing around several djs that play the best music… It’s just an unbeatable plan that is repeated only a few times a year, to create that expectation, to prepare the parties with time and really make the best possible call and have the right djs for each occasion. And above all, to not tire the audience. Our DJs are really a part of Black Heart, not only do they play for the parties but they are fully involved with the brand, their ultimate goal is to work hard on the sessions so that no one is left indifferent. They and their music are the epicenter of our events and all of them are unique and incredible.