One of the most special features of Black Heart parties is that the line-up is always made up of female DJs. The girls selected to play have some basic requirements that define the essence of our parties. A Black Heart DJ has an exquisite taste in music and her style includes genres ranging from deep house, tech house, techno, ethnic and tribal to down tempo. Her sounds are clean, fresh and innovative, with that ‘underground’ touch, but always taking care of the elegance and trends of the moment. Our booths have seen the likes of Marymoon, who has a very mystical and powerful style, as she plays at parties like Burning Man, or DJs like Pretty Pink who is also a producer, and well-known in Europe for her ‘deep’ style and remixes. When choosing a DJ, every city is taken very seriously, to respect and adapt to the public, but always maintaining and defending the line and concept of the party. It’s about offering variety and that not all parties that are made to sound the same. That’s why in every party there are always different DJs but with the same vibe, girls with great presence, known nationally and internationally, and with an outstanding tour and musical projection. A Black Heart DJ knows how to throw a good party, make her audience dance non-stop, and interact with people during her sets. She knows how fill the air with color alongside her Black Heart Girls in the booth, creating a show that cheers everyone up. Good energy and awesome tunes are assured. Anna Tur, Indira Paganotto or Lunnas, all them female djs from Spain, have been to Black Heart, as well as other artists of other nationalities known in the electronic music scene such as Chelina Manuhutu.

Katy Sainz, a Spanish DJ with Filipino roots, is the party’s resident DJ. Her musical selection with exotic features make her sessions 100% danceable, as she has a very personal style which is at the same time chameleonic and eclectic, always making her audience feel the music as if they were in another dimension: the pure Black Heart concept. That’s why so much importance is given to the party’s music, it’s our identity, and the girls who go through it are the essence and heart of this community. Partygoers are very demanding at the musical level, they look for quality, they don’t want to hear the typical sounds of mainstream clubs, they want that exclusivity, and they want to delight their ears, because they are knowledgeable about electronic music. The coolest people of the city dancing around several djs that play the best music… It’s just an unbeatable plan that is repeated only a few times a year, to create that expectation, to prepare the parties with time and really make the best possible call and have the right djs for each occasion. And above all, to not tire the audience. Our DJs are really a part of Black Heart, not only do they play for the parties but they are fully involved with the brand, their ultimate goal is to work hard on the sessions so that no one is left indifferent. They and their music are the epicenter of our events and all of them are unique and incredible.


Katy Sainz

  • Origin Madrid Female
  • Genres deep tech melodic nomad
Katy Sainz is a Spanish DJ with Filipino roots that has been gracing DJ booths all over the world since 2009. She comes from a family of musicians (her father Lucas Sainz was part of the Spanish group Pekenikes), studied music from a tender age and plays the piano. Her music is an eclectic mix of deep house, tech house, techno and nomad and ethnic sounds with a touch of downtempo. She has deejayed for luxury fashion brands, international magazine events and private parties as well as the best clubs in Madrid, Marbella, Ibiza, Tulum, Barcelona, Miami and New York.


Brina Knauss

  • Origin Eslovenia Female
  • Genres techno melódico
Brina discovered music at the tender age of 17. She started singing in a bad and later moved to Milan were she started her career as a model. Her modeling jobs, together with  love for clubbing and her talent in the DJ booth opened the door to an array of fashion events. Since then she has deejayed at venues such as Frost, Stardust, Destino Ibiza, Ushuaia and many more. Her music style can be defined as energetic techno house.

Chelina Manuhutu

  • Origin Ámsterdam, Países Bajos Female
  • Genres Deep Techhouse

Born in Amsterdam, Chelina is a DJ and producer. A true artist and star. Despite growing up surrounded by music in her childhood, her first steps as a professional were in the world of fashion. But she never forgot her passion, so in 2011, after ten years as a model, Chelina and music joined professionally with each other. She has played in Berlin, Ibiza and Miami. Her Deep Techhouse sound put a funky and ruff image on our events.

Tini Gessler

  • Origin Sitges Female
  • Genres Deep, Techhouse

Tini started deejaying in small parties in her native town of Sitges before being discovered by the Pacha Barcelona team where she was resident DJ for three years. From there, the only way was up, and she graced the DJ booths of iconic clubs like Space and Pacha Ibiza.

Since then, Tini has joined the team at Elrow for whom she produces with her underground label KER. Known for her strong deep tech house sets, she has played all over Europe, Central and South America. She has headlined together with international artists like Jones, Paco Osuna y Joseph Capriati.

Pretty Pink

  • Origin Alemania Female
  • Genres Nu Disco, Deep, House

Risen from the deep & dark woods of the Harz in Germany, a charming pink lady made a serious way through the steaming and raging international club zone to manifest her belief in the very finest tunes of Nu Disco, Deep- and the most unique secret selection of House-music. She wouldn’t admit it but her edit of Daft Punks – Get Lucky truly turned into an underground hit and is nonetheless spinned by famous DJ’s around the world.


  • Origin Rusia Female
  • Genres Deep Tech Downtempo

Marymoon, russian Dj and producer, makes performances that reflect a humble, compassionate soul with a pure passion for music and art, which she uses to connect deeply with her audience to create a genuinely interactive and beautiful experience. Her first EP was released on the Human Resources label, the most prominent Russian electronic music label to date. From there, she went on to play several extremely well received DJ sets at iconic electronic dance music hotspots such as Burning Man and Ibiza, followed by her debut live PA at Moscow's edition of Decompression. Her strangely romantic tech house affair is certain to be a serious late night dance floor weapon for DJs in all the dark corners of the club world.

Indira Paganotto

  • Origin España Female
  • Genres Minimal, Techno, House

Indira Paganotto born in 1992 and is currently one of the youngest producer of the national electronic music. Indira has had an eclectical musical education. Ian Pooley signed her in his label. She has played at some of the best clubs in Europe like the Rex Club (Paris), Egg Club (London), Harry Klein (Munich), Gare Porto (Portugal), Wooz Club (Switzerland), Delay Club (Milan), Goa - Fabrik (Madrid); and sharing the stage with International artists like Marco Carola, Oxia, Philip Bader, Ian Pooley, Sven Vath, Marc Houle, Dj Hell, Davide Squillace, Maral Salmassi, Dasha Rush, Steve Bug, among others.

She has also created her own Label of techno, "Node Orbit". Indira's sets are full of groove and forcefulness, she draws on elements from all genres including psyprogressive, minimal, techno, and house, not afraid to blend genres or styles , always with organic acid touches ,reminiscent of her heritage musical.
Under her akka ID-22, she has also released tracks in Out Of Mind Records, Philip Bader's label.


  • Origin Estonia Female
  • Genres deep house tech melodic

With a distinct sound that mixes both Oriental and Occidental beats, Lica has dazzled festival goers in attendance at events like Tulum Winterfest and Burning Man and filled clubs from Europe to the Middle East. Lica started deejaying in the underground scene in her native Estonia were she honed her meticulously crafted sessions that use both digital tools and vinyl records.

Anna Tur

  • Origin Ibiza Female
  • Genres Deel Techhouse

Anna has had a link with music since she was a young girl, starting her artistic career in 2010. Nowadays, her name appears in the booths of the best clubs in the underground scene, a fact which has helped her to catapult to international fame, and means that she is living in unending activity, accumulating performances in the five continents. visiting the best clubs and festivals of the planet.

A mixture of sounds that go from house with more groove until balancing it with the most melodic techno. The identity of the Ibiza sound is international and Anna Tur is part of this, thanks in part, to the recent foundation of her own record label “Illusion Music” which came to light in mid 2016 with her EP debut in the production under the name of “A New Illusion”.

Anna Tur is not only a DJ, but also the Managing Director of Ibiza Global Radio TV, one of the radio-TV stations devoted to the most advanced music in the world.


  • Origin Madrid Female
  • Genres Deep Techhouse

Lunnas are spanish twins born in Madrid in 1992. At the young age of 23, they have become regulars in Ibiza, cradle of electronic music by right.

Their career dates back to when they had the chance to play at Club Nipponsei in Madrid with their own party every Saturday. They have also played in clubs like Kapital, Ramses, Sala Cocó, Olivia Valere (Marbella) ... Their great opportunity came with their manager Sebastian Gamboa, one of the most recognized Ibiza DJs with whom they began their professional career.

After several seasons in Ibiza they have entered the group Pacha opening each Saturday for Bob Sinclar in his party Pure Pacha.

Angie O

  • Origin España/EEUU Female
  • Genres Nu Disco, Deep, House

Born in Spain and raised in the USA, Angie O is inspired by her multicultural roots when it comes to dj’ing. Her sessions are characterized by deep touches, nu disco, and tech house as well as influenced from the places where she has lived and traveled. She is a DJ who has been in the national and international scene for 4 years. After passing through the dj booth at Ramses, where she was a resident of the Sunday Brunch, she can now be seen as a resident DJ at the new Madrid nightclub, Blackhaus, and the new day party, Looking After You.

Isa B

  • Origin España Female
  • Genres house deep house r&b

Isa B is the project behind Isabel Sánchez, a Spanish DJ based in Madrid. The key to success of her sessions is mixing her passions for both art and music. Part of her appeal is her strong presence in the DJ booth where she combines House, R&B and Hip Hop. Her exquisite taste in music has gotten her DJ residences in Nikki Beach Marbella, Opium Madrid and Apollo Milán.

Helena Piti

  • Origin Madrid Female
  • Genres Deep Tech, Techno, Groove

Spanish DJ, involved with music since she can remember, studied piano and double bass at the conservatory, with the years her taste evolved into more electronic rythms.
Her career has taken her far already, playing in many clubs from the spanish capital (Sankeys Ibiza, Off Sonar, El Jardín, ZUL, Sala Sonora), cities like Milán or Capetown and festivals (Electrosplash).

Jeff Mills, Ellen Allien or Miss Kittin are just to name a few of the artists she has shared bill with.
Her sets are well known for been very elegant,powerful and groovy,with an absolute connection with the crowd. Working hard in production she has signed tracks with Natura Viva, COHESIVE, Formidable, and many others, achieving a very positive critique of her latest releases.

Narol Margo

  • Origin España Female
  • Genres Deep house, Downtempo

NAROL began her relationship with music at the age of 12 when she received her first spanish guitar lessons and began dj’ing at age of 18 in famous bars of Madrid. She studied digital production and sound engineering. For 8 years she has overseen the sounds of Madrid's best
concert halls and clubs. She has played at festivals such as Brunch in the Park, Electrobeach or
Supermartxe. Also her performances in clubs like Ramses, Fortuny, Hotel ME or Deep house parties, among others are remarkable.

She has shared bills with artists such as Richie Hawtin, Joeski and Malcon Mclaren of the Sex Pistols.
She is currently resident DJ and promoter of Nubel, at the Reina Sofía Museum and has just signed the Worldwide release of her next EP with Wolfrage Records (Netherlands).
She is characterized by sessions full of electronic sounds, downtempo, deep and tribal house.

La Santa

  • Origin Madrid Female
  • Genres Nu Disco, Deep/tech house

Spanish producer, born in Madrid. Good vibes, indie-dance / nu-disco, deep house, tech-house & amp; techno are her specialty. 2016 was a great year, since her first references on labels like Lemon-Aid Music, remixing Gianni Firmaio along with Ismael Rivas for Mushroom Smile Records, in Natura Viva, Blend It Records along with Ismael Rivas and Iván Pica o Desértica Records...

She is a regular DJ in Madrid and Bali, and transmits her life experiences creating a unique story through the music. Her sessions are full of sensitivity, harmony and a lot of Groove, and can be listened in Unica FM Radio or Vicious Radio in the program Mimo Radio Show.

Monica Mira

  • Origin Barcelona Female
  • Genres Deep & Soul

Monica is passionate and loves good Deep & Soul music. She has directed "Momento M", her radio podcast from Ibiza Global Radio while coordinating and creating the well-known "Lady's Soul" party in the famous Ibiza terrace Km5. She has also played in other clubs such as Shoko, Carpe Diem Barcelona , Armani Privè in Milan and LAVO Las Vegas.